it's freakin'


A sweet, salty, crunchysnack with a kick that hascorrupted the palatesof NCAA athletes to87 year old grandmothers.


Warning:This snack
is Freakin' Addicting.

Tastes as cool as it sounds

It's freakin unique

It's freakin lip smacking


Sweet, Salty, Crunchy

with a Kick!

Awesomeness in a bag.

-The Dallas Morning News

The Freakin' Story...

The zany creators at The Festive Kitchen set out to create the perfect sweet, salty, crunchy snack with just a little heat. After attempting numerous flavor combinations, they started sharing samples with family and friends who would ask "what is the name of this snack?" Since there was no name, they answered, "I don't know, but it's freakin' awesome!" Hilariously, the name stuck and a new product was born.



Our Heroes

Let's Snack it Forward! Each pouch features one of our fallen heroes and $.30 from every unit sold is donated to Carry the Load, a charity benefiting those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in our military, firefighters, police, and rescue personnel.

Snacks with Benefits

There’s always a time when you want to let someone know you think they are freakin awesome, or let's face it... you need your freakin monthly fix. We made it easy for you. Just try out our new freakin' monthly subscription.

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We want to snack with you!

It's Freakin' Awesome has been eaten by customers around the world from students in Poland to soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan, to financial analysts in London. Now you can get yours too by placing an order online!

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